I’ll be 24 soon. My first sentence might make it seem like my birthday is tomorrow and I am staring at the clock. It may seem like it’s 11:50 PM and I am scrambling to write down all my regrets before midnight.

But it’s none of those things. My birthday is in December and I am writing this in July. It’s midday and I am not in a hurry to finish this.

Mostly because I am unsure if I should be writing this. For a long time, I tried to create content. Articles that would help my reader and at…

The purpose of this post is not to scare anyone away from freelancing. I just want to acquaint you with the realities I had to face. These are based on my experiences and might be different for you. Also, there are people making 6 figures from writing but the honest ones will tell you there’s nothing easy about the work they do.

Last year I had a plan to increase my income as a freelance writer. My plan was simple.

  1. Find clients
  2. Get hired
  3. Write articles
  4. Get paid. (My goal was to hit 1k in my first month)

If you…

A single dollar bill.
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Blogging, if done right, plays a very important role in driving leads and sales to B2B businesses. However, creating B2B blog posts that get results takes more than picking a random topic, doing keyword research, and putting an average blog post together.

It is really hard to stand out from the 70 million blog posts published daily with average content. To create B2B blog content that keeps readers scrolling and sales moving, you have to do things differently.

In this post, I’ll share tactics and strategies top B2B blogs use to top their traffic goals and generate leads.

The blogs…

The color of the Nigerian flag is now green red green.

Protesters at Lekki Toll Gate before the massacre.

For two weeks protests against the rogue police unit, SARS held across Nigeria. Acephalous and united the movement defied all the cheap tricks and tactics brought against it. No one remembered their religion, nor tribe. Even the issue of different sexual orientations was not enough to stop it.

Until the thugs and military rolled in. The first wave of violence was quickly repelled. The youths fought back against machete-wielding hoodlums. These people who were also young but so impoverished and ignorant that $5 was sufficient payment to attack people fighting for a better country for them. The attacks intensified, emboldened…

A hand giving a thumbs down
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Everyone hates LinkedIn. Okay. That's a bit too much. A more accurate statement would be a lot of people in my network hate how awful and cringey LinkedIn has become.

But it's not just another Facebook so we're not about to cancel the app and delete from our phones. There are still important connections to be made and visibility on this platform is essential for B2B businesses.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the repetitive motivational posts, broetry and plagiarism. But what I’ve not seen is how to cleanse one’s LinkedIn feed and make it readable again.

Stop connecting with everyone


As I write this my life is in danger. So is the life of every other young Nigerian.

Today I watched as protesters were gunned down for standing up for their right to live. The irony isn’t lost on me at all.

Last week, spontaneous protests broke out in Nigeria. The unifying cry was to end the rogue unit of the police, Special Armed Robbery Squad. Although their title does not imply it nor does their constitutional functional support this, these officers concentrated their efforts on “fighting” cybercrime. A task that an ex-police officer confirmed on national television they have no training in.

Let the profiling begin

Anyone with an expensive device or gadget of any kind is believed to be an…

There’s a lesson in every story you’ve written.

An antique computer set against a white wall.
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Before sitting down to write this I went through some of my old articles. Which is something I never do. I don’t like reading my work after I hit publish. I belong to the crop of authors who write, send it out into the world, and then hope everything goes well. We move on fast.

I am not saying that we do not agonize over our writing. I am just saying that we try not to think about it too much. Before it would kill us and stop us from moving on.

A frustrated freelancer screaming after his work is rejected by a client.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You’ve spent hours and hours writing. Then more hours purging your copy for mistakes. You’re sure you’ve done your best work. You ship it and then your submission comes back with a red X slapped across it.

“Hmm, this isn’t exactly what I wanted.”

Trust me. I know the gut-wrenching pain of rejection. Here’s an email I got after sending in a 1400 word sample.

“After speaking with the team, unfortunately, we feel that the tone and voice are far off what we’re looking for. Thanks for your interest in the gig and best of luck.”

This email felt like…

Learn why users are willing to pay $30 for an email app.

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Almost everyone is talking about Superhuman. And they are all saying good things. Or at least most of them are. What is so great about an email app that has made the startup world go crazy?

And no, it is not because Superhuman is a perfect app. It is not available on androids and on PCs it can only be navigated with a keyboard. There are no fremiums either. To use this email app, you’ve to pay $30. …

Articles don’t have to be copies of SERPs

Rows of identical blue chairs
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Why do all pop songs sound the same?

The lyrics are different and the keys may vary but yet each one seems like you’ve heard it a thousand times.

That’s because you have. Each pop song follows a formula. It’s safe and it works so no one questions it.

Similarly, a large amount of content mirrors others. Articles that top the front pages of Google give the same information with different phrases but it’s still so hard to tell one apart from the other.

Yes, we’re all targeting the same keywords but…

Stella Inabo

Content Marketing Manager at Animalz. Part-time Otaku and occasional poet.

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