A trip to Ezeagu Tourist complex

I visited Ezeagu Tourist Complex last year. The river was amazing and serene. I have not heard a more beautiful sound than the water cascading down the rocks in the river.

We departed for Ezeagu Tourist Complex by 10:00 am. The journey to Ezeagu Tourist Complex took about an hour. We passed through the winding Miliken Hills and the famous Ninth Mile.

The road in the Obinofia Ndiuno community was a dirt road that left sand in our mouth and clung to our clothes. A herd of cows grazed in the valleys surrounded by lush green hills that stood watch above them and us. A few buildings (mostly churches) were spread thin by the left side of the road. A few people on motorbikes passed us as we chugged upwards. No other vehicles were seen, so if you are not hiring a bus, you will probably have to go on a motorbike.

Ezeagu Tourist Complex is located in Obinofia Ndiuno of Udi Local Government Area. A lake, waterfalls and several caves make up this tourist location. We did not visit the caves and only explored one of the many rivers in the community. We enjoyed every minute nonetheless.

The name Ezeagu Water Complex is deceptive because it makes you expect that there are some structures around the site. There was nothing around the site that was man-made. So if you want to go for a dip in the water, you need to change behind a tree.

We began a downward trek to the river that lasted for about 5 minutes. As we got closer to the water, we could make out its rippling sound.

The branches of towering trees that banked the river provided a cool shade for us. The green foliage seemed to gleam besides the clear water.

The temperature of the water was constantly changing. I dipped my feet in it and felt it go from cool to warm in a few seconds.

The river had sections with strong water current where the experienced swimmers dived in. Newbies like myself sat on the rocks by the side of the river with our feet in the water. A few of us tried swimming for the first time, stepping gingerly on algae-covered stones and floating in the gentle current. A red ball was thrown around and was in constant danger of getting carried downstream.

Down the river is the waterfall. It is not as high as the waterfalls of Awhum or Ngwo but it is picturesque. Water rushes over steps; a haphazard arrangement of rocks that slope downwards. If you look close enough you will see vapor rushing up from the water. Its flow is loud enough to be heard but not overpowering as we could still hear ourselves speak.

When the water is still, the fishes swim around in it. They tend to move away as we jumped in. It was hard to get a picture of the fishes. The water is clear, revealing the sand bed underneath. I liked the feel of water against my legs. I could not swim and did not want to try it for the first time in a river. I would rather try in a swimming pool in a controlled environment.

As afternoon approached, some villagers joined us in the water. They do not disturb us really. They swam and occasionally ask for their pictures to be taken. Downstream, the villagers appeared to do their laundry. A lone woman multiplies to people of all ages washing and drying clothes. Some took their bath in the river. Its contents cleansed by the downward flow.

As evening approached, we left the water for the locals. Our skin had become pasty, fading with each second spent in the water. I posed for yoga pictures in the water because who would not want to capture such a beautiful place and to become one with all of its serenity.

Hours later, we packed up, ready to return to the noisy city. I made sure to pick up waste. We met Ezeagu Tourist Complex clean and it deserves to be kept that way.

1. Bring swimming clothes.

It’s best to wear a swimming trunk underneath as there is no place to change.

2. Do not dive into the deep end.

It is better to stay away from the swift current if you are an inexperienced swimmer.

2. Travel in a group.

It is much safer to travel in a group to avoid accidents or getting lost.

3. Hire a driver that is willing to stay within close proximity so you can leave when you want.

4. Take some snacks and drinks around. There are no stores around to buy supplies from.

5. Be careful when you step on the rocks in the water as the algae makes them slippery.

6. Go early.

It is better to go to Ezeagu Tourist Complex early in the day as the people in the community might come in for a dip or to do some laundry. It becomes crowded and less quiet.

6. Bring a change of clothes.

Wet clothes do not feel so good on the journey back. It is better to pack a set of clean dry clothes.

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